Segregation Of Funds

The segregated account is used to store customers' funds separately from the Company's funds.between the two groups of assets so that it cannot be misused with any of the accounts. This is a guarantee that customer assets can easily be identified as own if a company problem arises

All Wigmarkets customers will have a segregated account where your funds shall be protected and stored separately from ours.

All Wigmarkets funds are stored on segregated accounts at the headquarters of Barclays Bank in the United Kingdom.

Two accounts are maintained so that the funds are stored separate from each other. Barclays has an experience of more than 325 years and operates in more than 50 countries with 200 branches worldwide. It generates a turnover of 25.45 billion and is currently working with 48 million customers.

As a responsible company, Wigmarkets only works with the best financial institutions to provide its customers with the best possible services. Wigmarkets will never use the funds of its customers in its operation or for any other investment. This ensures optimal protection of their funds.

Investor Compensation Fund:

The Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) was established under the Investment Companies (FI) Act 2002 as amended (hereinafter referred to as "the Act") and the Establishment and Operation of a Fund. of Investor Compensation for Customers 2004 FIC Regulation, (hereinafter referred to as "the Regulation") issued under the law.

The ICF's objective is to respond to all customer complaints by covering them against ICF members, providing its clients with compensation in the event that the company is in difficulty due to poor financial circumstances that do not are not likely to be improved in the near future.

ICF serves as a tool to cover the risks of private customers, with the exception of professional clients and eligible counterparties.

Clients covered by an ICF member company may receive financial compensation regardless of the number of accounts, the currency and the location where the investment service is offered.

Thanks to this policy, as a Wigmarkets customer, you can feel confident in your trading as all your trades will be executed with a high level of security, integrity and transparency.

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