Money Manager

Wigmarkets’ investment manager may be just what you need for your next deal

Are you looking for a tool for complete customization of trading accounts of your clients, or a simple way to manage the trading accounts of your clients? Wigmarkets’ Money Manager can be the tool you need to make your life easier for your customers to be happy.

We'll tell you a bit more about Wigmarkets’ Money Manager

How does sound flexible the oil extraction limitation, customized trading conditions and market pricing combined with automatic commission calculation? Nothing of the kind! Wigmarkets’ Money Manager provides your clients with flexibility, ease of use and optimized conditions, and with you - satisfaction and enjoy unhindered trading.

Does it offer client-focused trading conditions?

Yes, by Wigmarkets’ Money Manager you have access to fully customer-oriented trading conditions. In practice, you can customize all the conditions in your MAM/PAMM trading accounts. Thanks to competitive pricing that designed to make it easier for you and your customers, you will also have access to competitive margins, or you can choose an account with no overcharges, increasing the fees and profitability within the MAM/PAMM. From the aforementioned incentive premiums to leverage, additional security deposits and account currency, you can customize the Money Manager in a way that suits your needs.

What is the issue with automatic commission calculation?

Commissions are credited in real time, to a genuine active account. Incentive premiums may also be calculated at any specified time. These cannot be deducted haphazardly - you will need a limited power of attorney issued at regular interval, but that can easily be achieved through the MAM manager.

Will there be added and removed funds that affect trading activity?

Although it is not possible to promise that no trade activity will be affected - in the end, the restrictions on oil extraction in free trade must be taken into account - the movement of funds can be done at any time without to affect the account activity. In some cases, when a reduction in the value of an investment in open trade becomes a problem, our support team will be happy to help you and your client and company to find a solution that is beneficial for everyone.

Is there a large product range to choose from?

Wigmarkets’ money manager gives you full access to the merchant products we offer.The adaptive nature of the trading platform means that you can charge your clients according your personal values, retaining strict control on your earned commission, improving transparency and access to products, and avoiding the need for too much disclosure of your trading strategy, while providing customers with easy access to make deposits and withdrawals. get access to the most qualified analytical methods.

Following from the above, is the Wigmarkets’ Money Manager the product you need? We’re sure it does! If you already want to venture into this commodity trade, you can click here to access our full range.

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