Indices trading is considered to be the best option for beginner traders as it's fairly easy to be learned.

Our key values are to continue providing a open-minded, transparent, and professional service to all of our clients and business partners. We believe that successful trading starts with first-rate platforms, professional trading specialists and top trading conditions. We value integrity, innovation, and success as the most significant parts of who we are as a brokerage. All these combined is what makes us diverse from other companies on the market.

Why Trade Indices with Us?

The reason so many traders choose to trade indices is simple - our excellent service and supportwe offer. We guide our traders hand in hand with manydifferent webinars, eBooks, trading specialist 1x1 lessons and much more.

Trading indices allow you to disperse your investment tools and invest in the world's major financial centres. We provide our traders with leverage of up to 100:1, tight spreads and 24 hours trading. With Wigmarkets you can trade the world's leading indices (bourses), including stock trading, Dow Jones, FTSE, DAX, JSE and much more. Thanks to all this, Wigmarkets is your one-stop-shop for the ultimate trading experience.

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